Surpassing the highest security requirements

Securely connect with people

On Blackwave you add contacts with a 9 characters, cryptographically secure, address. Addresses derive from public keys and are used to encrypt outgoing messages. Therefore, when you send a message, you are sure that only the intended recipient can read it. Contrarily to other apps, you don't have to verify public keys, you always get this security and don’t have to trust the service provider. Addresses are secured with blockchain technology.

Anonymity and metadata privacy

Using our app, service providers and monitoring tools cannot see who your contacts are, when you send them messages, how many messages etc. Your contact list remains private and no one can establish your social graph. Our app routes all internet traffic through Tor or i2p. Our protocol is carefully engineered to work with the least amount of metadata possible. And you can open an account without giving away personal details.

Extreme encryption

Messages sent using Blackwave are end-to-end encrypted. Meaning servers cannot read the messages, only the recipients can. To protect against encryption backdoors, encryption is always applied twice, with different algorithms. Messages are encrypted twice, using AES 256 bits and Serpent 256 bits.

Network resilience

No central server, all
communications are
routed via Tor or i2p.

Multi device support

Users can connect
multiple devices

Message offline contacts

Users can send messages
to contacts even when
they are offline.

Cloud back-up

All messages are saved,
encrypted, in the cloud.
Only the user can decrypt


Code is open to review
and will undergo a security
audit before
each version release.

Open and decentralized

Our protocol is engineered in such a way that the service provider cannot access users’ communications. But the service provider can still prevent the user from accessing its data. That is why we offer, for free, the hosting software to anyone that wishes to host account(s) themselves. This software can be used to host the accounts of all users within your organization, to become a service provider and sell hosting services to organizations and individuals, or, to host your personal account. No special internet connection is required, no dedicated IP address and no specific hardware are needed.

Product comparison

On the road to
mass adoption

Less user involvement with blockchain and tokens is of upmost importance for product adoption.

Blackwave users don’t need an Ethereum address, to purchase and hold Ether or have any knowledge whatsoever about the inner workings of the blockchain.

Users simply pay a monthly fee to their host. The host then maintains an Ethereum address, purchases and stores Ethers and use them for their clients when they need it.

The Blackwave Directory

Blackwave uses the Ethereum blockchain as a decentralized directory for users. To be discoverable by peers, users must publish their address on the directory. This is done by their host and includes a fee in ETH that has to be sent to the smart contract.

The address, once registered, is valid for life. However, users, through their hosts, need to pay a fee to the smart contract for their address to remain active. If a user doesn’t pay the fee for some years, the address becomes inactive but remains reserved and can be reactivated at any time simply by compensating the fee on the blockchain.

Address registration and first year fee cost 2.40€. Yearly renewal costs 2.40€.