Blackwave is a technology company working towards making people and organizations communications confidential. We love technology and we love the internet but we strongly believe in privacy and security. This might sound contradicting, and, currently, it sadly is. At Blackwave, we aim to change that. We are developing the technologies of tomorrow that will allow users to have a rich internet experience without giving away their privacy.

Token sale

Blackwave Ltd has decided to go forward without making its token sale.

Team & Advisors

David-Alexandre Yana
Co-founder, CEO

During the course of a Master's degree in Security and Diplomacy, David-Alexandre studied the security challenges of States both in the physical and cyber world. He has also been a software developer for more than 10 years. Combining these two hats, he envisionned and created Blackwave.

La Cage aux Singes
Digital agency

``LCAS`` is a Paris, France based company. They are part of the software development group Arkeup and are specialized in design and user experience. They have been working on Blackwave since the early stage with design elements and development.

Mickael Yana
Hafsa Nefouci
Ilan Benichou
Aude Kereun
Elizabeth Li
UI/UX Designer
Josh Rager
Communication advisor
Muavia Ejaz Usmani
Ozan Konur
Front-end developer & Designer
Jose Mejia

No one outside of the people listed in this section own any share of the company.


Blackwave Ltd (C 87953) is a company registered in Malta.

Abacus Business Centre, Level 1,

Dun Karm Street, B’Kara Bypass,

Birkirkara BKR 9037, Malta