Can I continue on my phone a conversation started from my computer?

Yes, you can start and continue a conversation on any of your devices. Blackwave stores your messages in the cloud (encrypted) and delivers them to all your devices. Moreover, as none of your devices act as a “master” you can turn off your phone and still receive messages on your computer and vice versa.

Who will be the main buyers of BWDT tokens?

We expect companies that use Blackwave server to host their employees’ accounts or offer hosting services to customers to buy the BWDT regularly and in large quantities on exchanges.

Who can become a host?

Blackwave will offer this service from the start. However, and thanks to the documentation and free software available on our website, anyone can set up their server and become a host. Whether for personal needs or for your business. Or even if you have the ambition to set up your service and offer it to customers.

How long do messages take to be delivered?

Nearly instantly. Blackwave has been designed to be as fast, if not faster, than the fastest instant messaging apps available today.

I participated in the token sale. When will I receive my tokens?

Within one week after the end of the main token sale event, Blackwave will conduct and publish an audit on its website. We will give participants one more week to make sure everything is right. After that, Blackwave will start distributing the tokens and you will receive yours within 48 hours.

Can I change host and keep my address?

Yes, every address you create is yours for life. To change host, go to a new host and request to use your current address. You will receive an in-app request for the change. Confirm the change by digitally signing the request with your private key and the change will be published on the Blackwave Directory on the blockchain.

How to login in the Blackwave application?

A 12 words mnemonic paraphrase is used to create your cryptographic keys, you can use this phrase to create an address and login on devices. Future support is planned for logging using cryptocurrencies hardware wallets like Trezor and Ledger.