Blackwave end of 2018 Giveaway

Blackwave Ltd organizes this giveaway. In order to participate, you should do the following:

– Follow @BlackwaveLtd on Twitter,

– Retweet the Blackwave Tweet announcing the giveaway on Twitter,

– Comment on the Blackwave Tweet announcing the giveaway on Twitter with the prize you would like to win.

– Participants should have their Twitter account setup so their Tweets are “Public Tweets” (not protected Tweets).

Winners will be selected by Blackwave Ltd on Thursday the 6th of December, 2018.

100 participants will be selected for winning 200 Blackwave Directory Tokens (BWDT), 10 participants for 2,000 BWDT and 3 participants for 10,000 BWDT. Participants have the opportunity to win the prize that they explicitly express they want to win in their comment on the Blackwave Tweet announcing the giveaway on Twitter.

Prize value in euros is calculated using a token price of 0.24 euros per token. The value of the token in euro is subject to change without notice and does not engage Blackwave Ltd in any way.

No purchase is necessary to participate in this giveaway. There is no fee to participate in this giveaway.

By participating in this giveaway, you indicate your agreement to be bound by these terms and conditions.

Participants should not use or create and use multiple Twitter accounts to participate in this giveaway. Participants doing so will not be eligible to receive any prize.

Participants should not Retweet repeatedly the same or similar content more than what Twitter rules allow.

Participants can only comment once on the Blackwave Tweet announcing the Giveaway. Participants commenting multiple times will not be eligible to receive any prize.

Blackwave Ltd does not encourage, nor approves, infringing the rules of Twitter.

You are fully responsible of the content you post, Retweet and comment. Blackwave Ltd does not take any responsibility for, nor endorses, any content of any kind created by others.

You are fully responsible of your use of the Twitter platform. Blackwave Ltd does not take any responsibility in case you infringe Twitter rules.

You agree to not hold Blackwave Ltd responsible for any problem that could happen on Twitter.

Participants, in case they are selected as winners, agree to provide Blackwave Ltd with any information necessary to send them their prize. Including, but not limited to, information that Blackwave Ltd would need for practical or legal reasons to comply with any law or regulation. If a participant fails to provide such information in a reasonable amount of time, the participant shall not receive any prize.

Participants agree to regularly check their Twitter Direct Messages (DM).

Participants, in the event that they are selected as winners, agree to allow Blackwave Ltd to publish that they won, their Twitter username and the prize that they won.

Prizes will be sent to winners up to ten (10) days after the end of the second phase of the Blackwave token sale as defined in the Blackwave white paper. The Blackwave white paper is subject to change without notice.

Blackwave Ltd may change at any time, and, without notice these terms and conditions, for any reason, including, but not limited to, in order to comply with any law or regulation, in case of force majeure, or, to clarify these terms and conditions. Such a change may happen after the start of the giveaway.

Participants agree that any legal action that may arise from this giveaway shall be exclusively conducted before the courts of Malta.

December 6, 2018 update:

The participation period for the giveaway has ended. The selected participants will be contacted via Twitter DM.


Selected participants:


10,000 BWDT (3):
– Florenc42046343
– Supercoin1982
– theBullishBit


2,000 BWDT (10):
– WutSophia
– AgeDoseNo
– FChalut
– JohnnyTheFocks
– Murray76502490
– dezorock1
– Leslyndelacruz1
– SteffenCrypto
– rajbxe09
– guacamolion


200 BWDT (32/100 due to limited number of participants)
– ktt008
– CornSnoop
– cedtahiti
– sjdimare
– AtilaElUno5
– hernanfig
– BPugliese96
– DenisKotov1
– NextCrypto1
– Investcoin456

– anandgarg025
– MACDMiller
– briansiuyang
– Cathal83784977
– Amandasss21
– amanomario
– Ahmedthabet806
– chocimoon
– onetodanext

– JCtheotherone
– CryptoMoonDance
– georgesdawson
– adce1012
– AlvaShilh
– ela_warrior
– Krystia06728425
– LitecoinFam
– djone349
– QuadsAgain

– JakubDuhonsky
– joelnofiat


To thank the community, Blackwave Ltd is giving away the remaining 200 tokens prizes to participants that didn’t comment they wanted to win this prize.

– KevinTBray
– Coiner125
– borst_samantha
– tonya_sharding
– JCryptus
– shivoham_0_
– keyptofav
– ManiacCrypto30
– Bull4harambe
– krava001

– cuemili1
– rerent23
– airdropfromtana
– senna_79
– th3nolo
– pro_sp21
– RobinSamuel32
– Johnwested
– chillbeartrades
– MarkBeyer16

– E_Cryptotrader
– cryptofinwiz
– cryptoengineer9
– 3rick04
– TheCryptoSlayer
– SylvinhoAlchemi
– sonoffodin
– dpcryptoo
– JRRTokens
– destfulyago73

– Ulysses_SG
– markaantre
– 5fAdie
– arcordama27
– cryptoglyph
– kenny9257
– Bill39373114
– xmijo
– coolfarish
– Cryptol26720328

– c_capitulation
– Crypto6Pack
– sanchit556677
– Cryptoh4
– Mujie777
– Abdulnasset1
– kznherbman
– sarahcoinner
– esrig7l
– usspitbia86

– Gregori070
– HollowM24044976
– CryptoLovver1
– ChowdhuryShihat
– ZorroCrypto
– sheendwardX
– leageofjack
– burrrliney
– arthurc21297959
– GaiaTheia

– cryptoarkness
– deliriazuma
– dissidia7
– alacamami2146
– Smokingjayone2
– akash_8
– JonathanMcDavi1
– bullishbond007