On the road to
mass adoption

Less user involvement with blockchain and tokens is of upmost importance for product adoption.

Blackwave users don’t need an Ethereum address, to purchase and hold Ether, to purchase Blackwave Directory Tokens (except if they wish to have a discount) or have any knowledge whatsoever about the inner workings of the blockchain.

Users simply pay a monthly fee to their host. The host then maintains an Ethereum address, purchases and stores Ethers and Blackwave Directory Tokens and use them for their clients when they need it.

A necessary and
irreplaceable token

Blackwave uses the Ethereum blockchain as a decentralized directory for users. To be discoverable by peers, users must publish their address on the directory. This is done by their host and includes a fee in BWDT that has to be sent to the smart contract.

The address, one registered, is valid for life. However, users, through their hosts, need to pay a fee to the smart contract for their address to remain active. If a user doesn’t pay the fee for some years, the address becomes inactive but remains reserved and can be reactivated at any time simply by compensating the fee on the blockchain.

Address registration and first year fee cost 0.80€. Yearly renewal costs 0.80€.

Token sale

We divided the token sale in three phases which will take place as follows:

First phase. During the pre-sale, 12.5% of the tokens that are allocated to the token sale will go on sale. That’s 26,250,000 tokens at a fixed price of 0.16€. The minimum purchase during this phase is 2,000€, which represents 12,500 BWDT tokens.

Seconde phase. For the main token sale phase, 70.8% of the tokens that are allocated to the token sale will go on sale. This represents 148,750,000 tokens at a fixed price of 0.19€. The minimum purchase during this phase will be 50€, which represents 265 BWDT tokens.

Third phase. After the first two phases, Blackwave will sell on its website the tokens it has in reserve, starting at a price of 0.24€. Then we will periodically adjust our price to match the market price.